10 Things To Do This Year To Have Better Health For The Rest Of Your Life…

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In no particular order…

1) Stop the Pop! Even if it’s only one daily or one a week. Pop is highly acidic (all diseases thrive in an acidic environment), causes weight gain (even diet), causes osteoporosis (it causes a depletion of minerals from your bones), and it is full of chemicals.

2) Drink More Filtered Water. Not vitamin water, or flavored water or bottled water, just plain, old, filtered tap water in a glass or stainless steel container. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime if it’s too boring. A general rule of thumb is half your weight in ounces. If you weigh 160 lbs, it would be 80 ounces which is about ten 8 ounce glasses of water. Herbal teas count towards your total intake. Every cell in our body needs water. We need water to flush out toxins as well. Even mild dehydration causes fatigue, dry skin, headaches, toxicity, etc.

3) Wipe Out The White Stuff. Get white sugar, white flour products (crackers, pretzels, bread, pizza, pasta), white rice and any other processed white products out of your diet. This has a powerful impact on your health. These cause diabetes, intestinal issues, headaches, sugar cravings, fatigue, obesity and many other health issues. Instead eat real whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, and steel cut oats.

4) Get Up and Move! Exercise at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week (daily is better). The important thing is to find something you enjoy so you stick with it. You won’t stay committed to doing something that you perceive as drudgery. Whether it’s yoga, swimming, walking, biking, weight lifting, racquetball, pickleball or running, get into the habit. It will relieve stress, give you more energy, help all aspects of your health, put you in a better mood and help you feel good about yourself. With all the benefits you get, why wouldn’t you do it? Most people that don’t exercise say they don’t have time, yet they make time for Facebook, hours of television, texting and talking on the phone, etc. When you make it a priority, you will find time for it and even enjoy it!

5) Stress Less. Stress literally sucks the life out of you. It is linked to every disease, causes your body to age faster and makes you miserable. We all have busy and stressful lives, yet our perception and how we deal with stress is the key. Gratitude, positive thinking, prayer and meditation all are proven to decrease stress
and in turn having a positive impact on our lives and health. Start your day with 5 minutes of meditation and gradually increase to 20 minutes daily. Meditation for Idiots or Meditation for Dummies are basic, helpful tutorials. There are countless other books and CD’s as well. I have meditated daily for close to 20 years and can’t say enough about it! Start a gratitude journal. Take a yoga class. How you talk to yourself is important as well. When you catch yourself in negative/stress mode, stop the downward spiral and find something positive to focus on.

6) Decrease or Eliminate Coffee and Black Tea (even decaf). Both are very acidic. If you have any issues with stress, anxiety, acid reflux, adrenals or sleep this one is critical. If you must have a cup, make it organic and drink it black. The sweeteners and milks of any type interfere with absorption of any of the antioxidants or benefits you may have read about. Switch to green tea, white tea, mate or any other herbal tea.

7) Get Outside! There is nothing like sunshine and fresh air to cure what ails you! Take a walk, go for a bike ride, go sledding or skiing in the winter, lay in the grass and look at the clouds in the summer. Mood improvement will definitely occur! At least once a week and more is better!

8) Go Organic and Eat Real, Whole Foods. Our bodies were not meant to process the heavy load of pesticides on our fruits and vegetables nor the hormones and antibiotics in the animal products nor the chemicals in all the processed foods that we consume on a daily basis. And don’t get me started on genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and the disaster they are creating in our bodies! All these chemicals disrupt our hormones causing infertility, PMS, “man boobs” and early puberty. Obesity, cancer, heart disease, antibiotic resistance and digestive issues are some other issues caused by these toxic substances. Organics taste better, have more nutrients and are better for the environment. If organics are too costly, at least google the Dirty Dozen and avoid those, buy in season and in bulk or grow your own. Our bodies thrive on unprocessed, real, whole foods, while the alternative Standard American Diet (SAD) is literally killing us. We are what we eat. Garbage in, garbage out. You can’t put poor fuel in your body and expect good results. I always say, pay now or pay later.You can spend your money on healthy, nourishing, unprocessed organic whole foods and have vibrant health or spent it on co-pays for surgery, prescription drugs and doctor visits.

9) Start Blending! Smoothies rock! Make one daily. Challenge yourself to vastly increase the amount of vegetables and fruit you consume. You will be amazed at how much you can pack into a smoothie! When my clients tell me they get lots of servings of fruits and vegetables, upon analysis, it is usually high in fruit with little or no vegetables. We love the sweet stuff! I prefer blending over juicing in order to get the healthy fiber which juicing removes. If you have digestive problems start with juicing and work up to blending. I use a Vitamix blender which has the motor of a lawn mower and can liquify just about anything! I put veggies, fruit, flax and coconut oils, chia seeds and a plant based protein powder in my daily smoothie. There are tons of recipes out there or email me and ask for my recipe, a daily dose of health in a cup!

10) Go To Bed! Lack of sleep makes you fat, sick, depressed and grumpy. I’m not making it up, scientific studies prove it! Sleepless nights  also depress our immune systems. Get 8 hours of sleep every night and get on a schedule. Bed at 10pm and up at 6am or 9-5 or 11-7, whatever you will stick to. Our bodies thrive on schedules. Make your bedroom cave-like as well, the darker the better. Even the smallest bit of light interferes with melatonin and seratonin production (hence the depressed, fat and grumpy).

Okay! So those don’t sound so hard, right? I suggest that you pick the easiest one for the month of February, so you can be successful and build on that success each month. Or if you are the type that loves a challenge, tackle the hardest one first. Whichever item you pick to change, you will start to feel better, which will motivate you on to the next item for the next month. By the end of the year when you have incorporated all 10 into your daily lives, you will feel so great, you will not want to go back to your old ways! I am always here for support, just call or text 585-205-8321 or shoot me an email at


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