Feeling like a stuffed turkey after Thanksgiving?

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Some people do go off (sometimes far off) eating healthy over a holiday or at a party. It can happen. Here’s what I recommend if it happens.turkey

  • Don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s not the end of the world and feeling guilty or feeling like a failure will only encourage you to eat whatever you want. You are worth taking care of so take care of yourself with a diet that suits your body.
  • Clean out leftovers. If there’s still half of a cake in the house or a bowl of candy, take it into the office or give it away to friends, family, or a neighbor.
  • Make a plan and stick to it. Write a list of what your diet should consist of and what you are going to do to prepare and eat those healthy foods. Also, put days and times on your schedule of when you are going to exercise, meditate, etc. Schedule them as if they were and appointment that you can’t miss.
  • Start today. Don’t wait until tomorrow or until the next holiday or party. Resume your healthy lifestyle now as you’ll feel better physically and emotionally.
  • Eat healthy as often as possible. Some people like to eat whatever they want at a party of event. If that’s you, then make sure that you eat healthy on all of the other days.
  • Make an appointment. If you need a kick-start or suggestions on what and how to eat to have a healthy body, contact me to set up an appointment.

Consistently eating healthy will make a difference in your life. You’ll feel better physically and emotionally. You’re worth taking care of so make the effort and keep living that healthy lifestyle.


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