Phone and Skype Consultations

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Phone and Skype Consultations

If you have friends or family anywhere in the country who are looking for a naturopathic doctor or are having health issues I would love to help!  Phone and Skype consultations are  always available and I can even do Asyra EAV testing for them!

I specialize in the following:

  • Allergies: I do homeopathic seasonal allergy desensitization.
  • Auto-Immune: I help people reverse ANA, and Hashimoto’s, as well as help decrease MS, Lupus and RA symptoms.
  • Digestive Disorders: including Chron’s, Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut and Diverticulitis
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Blood Sugar Issues: including hypoglycemia and diabetes

I have been working with clients throughout the country from N.Y. to L.A. for a few years now and they have gotten great results.

My typical distance appointment consists of a client sending the comprehensive intake form along with any recent blood work results. Hair and saliva samples are sent for  Asyra testing as well. They have an appointment either over the phone or on Skype and a individualized program is established for them which includes dietary changes and supplementation. Supplements will be shipped and refills can be ordered from my website.

They can contact me at or schedule a phone or Skype appointment online as an Initial/Distance Phone Consultation.

Please contact me if I can support your health or the health or someone you love.


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