Welcome to Vibrant Health!

Doreen Bell , ND
121 Sully’s Trail, Suite 7
Pittsford, NY 14534

I look forward to working with you to obtain and maintain Vibrant Health! My goal is to work with you to educate and empower you to have better health and therefore a better life!

Some highlights to remember from your visit…

  1. I have provided you with a summary/direction sheet for dietary changes and supplementation. Much information was covered in your consultation, so it is natural that you may not have assimilated it all. If you have questions about your visit, your answer may be in the summary sheet. If it is not, please email me. I want you to understand your program so you can be successful.
  2. Taking your supplements and following the dietary changes are an essential part of your program. Not taking the supplements or not doing the recommended dietary changes will impede your success. If you have any issue or side effect from a supplement, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP!
  3. I do not have a receptionist. Please sign in when you come in to the office and I will be with you at your appointed time.

Phone Calls: Please call me with any questions or concerns regarding your program at 585-205-8321. Calls will be returned M-Th, during my normal business hours. If you have a medical emergency you need to contact your medical doctor or go to an emergency room.

Emails: You can contact me via email, which will be responded to during normal business hours M-Th at: drdoreenbell@gmail.com

Supplement refills: If you need a supplement refill before your return visit, please call or email me. All refill pick-ups need to be paid for with cash or check written to Vibrant or call me and give your credit card info. If supplements are not picked up within 5 business days of requesting refills, they will be restocked.

Cancellation Policy: The full cost of an appointment for all cancellations without a 24 hour notice will be charged. A credit card number will be taken when you schedule your initial appointment.

Referral Credits: Referrals are the highest form of praise and I welcome your referrals of friends, family members and coworkers. I offer $20.00 off of an appointment or supplements for each completed referral as a thank you.

Appointment changes/rescheduling/cancellations: These can be done quickly online at https://booknow.securedata-trans.com/43q4ve6x/ or by calling or emailing me directly.