Signs that You Need an Ionic Detox Footbath

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Do you have any of the following issues?

  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Poor Digestion
  • Abdominal fat
  • Acid reflux or heartburn
  • Elevated liver levels
  • Hormone Imbalances (PMS or menopause issues)
  • Low energy
  • Sleep issues
  • Headaches

These issues may be caused by an accumulation of toxins and chemicals in your body. We are continually exposed to toxins from pollution, pesticides in & on our foods, medications, cleaning products and personal hygiene products, among others. While our body does detoxify as one of its daily processes, it has a difficult time metabolizing and eliminating the many different types and large amounts of chemicals that enter it every day.


The Ionic Detox Footbath is designed to help the body eliminate toxins and chemicals through your feet. It charges the water ionically which allows the body to detoxify and rebalance at the cellular level. The ionic charge helps draw out toxins and make the body’s pH more alkaline. Toxins are continued to be eliminated through the feet and by way of the kidneys, liver, lymph, bowels and skin for up to 72 hours later.

People have reported many benefits following ionic detox footbaths:

  • Increased energy
  • Calmness
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer, brighter skin
  • Easier joint movement
  • Mental clarity
  • Diminished headaches

The Ionic Detox Footbath appointment includes a 30 minute footbath followed by a gentle foot massage. We also offer suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes along with supplement suggestions to help your body to detox in between footbaths. If you or someone you know is feeling sluggish, foggy or constantly ill, schedule an ionic detox footbath and start detoxing to start the new year off right.


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