Thanksgiving – Make it a Holiday, not a Holimonth

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Getting through the holidays on a restrictive diet seems impossible, but it isn’t. I’ve been low carb and gluten free for years and have found many ways to stay gluten free and low carb without being resentful or eating foods that negatively affect my body.

Get rid of any Halloween candy

Take it into work and put it in the break room, give it all away, or just throw it out. There is no reason to have candy in your house to tempt you. Not having candy in your house will be better for your family too. Next year, buy a type of candy that you don’t like.

Don’t let yourself get hungry

Whether you’re going to a party, going shopping, or at the office, make sure that you eat before you get hungry to balance your blood sugar. That way you’ll be better able to resist temptation wherever you are. Eating breakfast is essential to start the day on the right foot.

Be prepared

Don’t go into work or go out without any food. Make sure that you at least have snacks or a smoothie if you have a healthy lunch out planned. Make it a priority to take 15 minutes the night before or morning of to prepare healthy snacks and a meal for the day before the workday begins. I also carry snacks with me (pepperoni sticks, nuts or a bar) in case I don’t get the chance to eat for a few hours.

Eat before you go out

Whether you are going to a party or shopping, eat a meal before you go and make sure that it has protein to fill you up. That way if there is little or nothing you can eat while you are out you won’t be starving and eat everything in sight or even cheat a little.

If you are gluten or dairy free, bring a dish to pass that you can eat

If you are gluten free, don’t bother making cookies with wheat flour to bring to a party. Instead, find some good gluten free recipes to make and bring to a party.

Refuse politely

Just because your Aunt Ruth makes the world’s best cannolis only once a year does not mean that you must eat one. Happiness does not come from eating food (or making it for others). Happiness is a byproduct of living a good life which includes taking care of yourself. It’s okay to say, “No thanks, my body isallergic to it,” or “My body does not react well to gluten (or dairy).”

It’s okay to ask what about ingredients

It you don’t know what something is made of, just ask whoever made it. Ask what is in it instead of saying that you are gluten or dairy free. Not everyone knows what foods have gluten or dairy in them so it’s better to know what foods are made of so you can decide for yourself.

By self advocating and making good decisions for yourself and your body, it is possible to get to January 2nd without breaking a restrictive diet, binging or gaining extra pounds.




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