Time to Cleanse

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After a summer of cook outs, parties, vacations, and of course, ice cream, fall is a great time for a detox (also called a cleanse). Fresh produce is still readily available as the summer slowly comes to an end. The holidays are far enough away to take the time to detoxify your body and the weather allows you to get outside for some moderate exercise. After a thorough detox, many people feel like they have more energy, are more mentally alert, have decreased PMS or menopausal symptoms, and have better digestion.

Traditionally, fall and spring are the best times for doing a detox. The ultimate goal of a detox is to cleanse the body of toxins which come mainly from the environment, chemicals in our foods and medications. Toxins cause a multitude of health problems including hormonal imbalances, fatigue, and illnesses. Detoxing the liver and colon may benefit your overall health and wellbeing. The liver benefits from a cleanse so it can better clear toxins and excess hormones and help balance blood sugar levels. If you are not having one or two bowel movements per day, a colon cleanse (through diet and supplementation) is also recommended as part of the cleanse.

I offer individualized detox programs based on your needs. I make dietary recommendations, suggest and sell herbal supplements for the detox, and propose lifestyle changes that will aid the detox. In addition, I also offer an ionic detox footbath to help make the cleanse more effective. Please contact me for an in person or phone consultation at 585-205-8321 or You can also schedule an appointment at


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